Why Internal marks are more important?

Why Internal marks are more important? 634 500 Aravind T S

Internal Examinations are assessment which is conducted by the college under the guidelines of university. It evaluates the students during their class hours. Only subject teachers and the students are involved in internal assessment.

Whereas external exams are conducted by the universities in the respective college. Which are not evaluated by the teacher who has thought the subject, hence, only the university and the student is involved in it.

Now you must have assumed that external exams are more important because it is done by external teachers while Internal are easy and negligible because its done by your own teachers. BUT YOU ARE WRONG

If you are not able to perform well in external exams either you would get less grades or even fail, but you would get chance to attempt again and improve. Where as if you get less marks or fail in internal, you wont get another chance to improve. Hence, no matter how much you score in you externals you wont be able to clear your course unless you score well in your internals.

All about CMAT Entrance 2020

All about CMAT Entrance 2020 1280 720 Aravind T S

Full knowledge about CMAT entrance examination 2020. If you are an MBA aspirant I recommend you to write CMAT instead of KMAT

Everything About KMAT-2020

Everything About KMAT-2020 1280 720 Aravind T S

What is KMAT Kerala 2020 Exam? Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean Studies (KUFOS) will conduct KMAT Kerala 2020 exam this year. The online application for KMAT Kerala 2020 began from August 16, 2019. The application form for KMAT Kerala 2020 will be available till November 10, 2019. KMAT Kerala 2020 will be held on December 01, 2019.

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