How I make Online classes with Prezi – Part 1

How I make Online classes with Prezi – Part 1 1280 720 Aravind T S

The Corona virus outbreak leading to a new educational revolution in India. The covid19 pandemic has forced governing Body’s and school management to look to digital learning and online tutorial as the only workable solution, till the entire education system is grossly underprepared. Story of a modern sanitary napkin and the internet is the landmark example of inventions at the time of necessity. The crisis situation always creates a necessity to invent new things. Now the government is taking initiative on implementing a digital learning platforms and it’s kind of a Paradigm shift. I am not saying it’s a new concept but we cannot digital learning methodology before the outbreak of a coved-19. The classes have been forced to shut down because of the viral attack as per precautionary measures.How to make interactive class better in 2020. How to make online classes very effective and interactive? Dear teachers these are the effective online tutorial making platforms.I will explain one by one in this video and coming video. In this video I am explaining about makig effective online video lectures effectively with Prezi video, its a free online presentation making platform.

10 Reasons to do an MBA

10 Reasons to do an MBA 2855 2100 Aravind T S

How find a good Customer?

How find a good Customer? 2855 2100 Aravind T S

Sales Follow Up Techniques – Salesman Motivation

Sales Follow Up Techniques – Salesman Motivation 2855 2100 Aravind T S

Most of the customers say I will think about it after having our product presentation,Price etc,.But it is a LIE!! it’s just a phrase used to avoid us. They would not think about this after we have finished meeting with them. Because tend to forget 70% of information within 24 hrs and it is not their fault, it s human psychology. Please watch the videos for more information

Facebook Algorithm decoded : Malayalam Part 4

Facebook Algorithm decoded : Malayalam Part 4 2855 2100 Aravind T S

New Trend in Film Marketing : How to promote a film?

New Trend in Film Marketing : How to promote a film? 2855 2100 Aravind T S

The new trend in film marketing is giving physical evidence to the moviegoers by exhibiting the stills and properties which used in the movie. In Malayalam film the first film did the film location and portrait photography exhibition was ‘Moothon’ directed by Geethu Mohandas and the second one is ‘Kottyam’ directed by Binu Bhaskar.

Mobile Phone Etiquette

Mobile Phone Etiquette 978 720 Aravind T S

Some of the morals to be follow while using mobile phone in public place. Mobile phones are meant us to communicate with others, but it becomes a nuisance when you avoid these etiquette for our convenience.

Driving Etiquettes

Driving Etiquettes 978 720 Aravind T S

Why we should follow driving etiquette in Indian roads? 00:25 – Letting in and out 01:53 – Tailgating 03:11 – Creating Bottleneck 03:48 – Flashing the lights 04:30 – Horn Honking 05:08 – Patience at traffic lights 05:41 – Blaring Music 06:21 – Roaring Engine 06:45 – Don’t trow/ spit 07:03 – Give Courtesy


Why you should follow this in an Elevator?

Why you should follow this in an Elevator? 1044 720 Aravind T S

Majority don’t know the etiquettes to show while travelling in a elevator or a escalator. watch this video to educate yourself.
Points 1. Stand to the right 2. Don’t hold the door 3. Don’t Squeeze 4. Be the button Pusher 5. Move to the back 6. Exit quickly 7. Consider the stairs 8. Speak Sparingly 9. Respect space 10. Face forward 11 Hold objects below 12. No mobile 13. Wear a earphone 14. Last one first out 15 Escalator Etiquette

Why you should do BBA / MBA in Kochi ?

Why you should do BBA / MBA in Kochi ? 1066 595 Aravind T S

Why study BBA or MBA in Kochi?

If you wish to do BBA/MBA in Kerala, why not do it at Kochi? Kochi s not a tourist destination, it is an educational hub with industry exposure When companies hire a new candidate they do not just look at academics as was the practice they did previously. Now they look at attitude, exposure, off job experience, and real world knowledge of the candidates. These are some of the advantage when you do BBA/MBA at a metro city like Kochi

1 Enhance Leadership Qualities

Kochi offers good exposure to the business world as Kochi is a happening city with presence of numerous startups and establish companies.

2 motivating environment

If you are doing your BBA/MBA in a reputed college at Kochi you would have a lot of motivating factors like highly competitive students, hyper successful alumni’s, encouraging quality faculty and many more

3 More opportunities

As Kochi has n’number of companies from different levels, sectors and segments such as software industries, service industries, retail industry (booming in India), fashion industry, tourism, films and ads as well. Students have more opportunities to work with variety and vibrant companies as interns or as part time.

4. Better Network

Being in a reputed college at Kochi you would be well connected with a number of top enterprises. Also, the established alumni net work and associations with other leading colleges etc. will provide you with an opportunity to develop a good network of fellow BBA/ MBA graduates. You can engage in live projects, get close to market trends and innovations. You could get connected with professional bodies like Yuva, Yi, CII, AIMA, TiCon asd so on.

5.Earn while you learn

Kochi has a capacity to enhance you with an advantage of earning while you learn – you could do freelancing, working for different companies or associate with startups aswell. When you have a metro city like Kochi, why should you should chose a remote place with out any amenities and less daily exposure while staying in monotones campus to your BBA/MBA. presentation :

Dr.Aravind T.S. Content writer : Deepa

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