Thailand Travelogue

Thailand Travelogue

Thailand Travelogue Aravind T S

Thailand the land of bald headed red and yellow robed  buddhist who toting the latest gadgets , transgenders, Massaging centres, Pubs, Entertainments etc. It is actually a tropical destination with Hot blowing air. I have visited Bangkok couple of times. Thailand is very cheap for the accommodation, you can call your mother country as much you can on you replenish data card. Some places of Thailand is not safe but Thai people are mostly good and caring . Last time I visited Thailand with 105 students including faculty of LEAD , Thomman and Pratheesh ettan were the organisers of the tour. Thomman is a person who have visited more that 20 countries.

It is worth to visit as a budget traveller at Thailand ,for Indian Rs.800 you will get 3 star accommodation , food also very cheap and delicious especially sea food .

Thrilling experience are , Dolphin, alligator show, tiger and lion show , Alcazar show Reality Theatre (great experience) is worth watching  and would appreciate the operations behind the show was really effortful.

You would get lot many adventure sports at Coral Island , 5 Km away from Pattaya . We had taken a high speed boat from Pattaya shore to Coral Island. It was amazing when we saw a floating platform , with shops and parasailing board . We reach at the floating platform and gone for parasailing.

The best one that I have found was Sea walk , 25 meters into the sea , we 7 , six students and me took a deep breath and dip into the sea , it was a dreamy experience for us so far , we have seen beautiful corals , fishes , vibrating sounds which you can hear once to submerge this much depth into the sea , great experience .

Final day we reached at Bangkok , and burned out pocket at Indira market . Electronics are very cheap at there , we have bought 18 Flat HD TV’s from there . After shopping we rushed to Suvarnabhoomi Airport .

The first visit to Bangkok was on 2011 with Gold FM,Dubai and the second one was with LEAD’ers on 2013 . Both trip to the same place was different experience.