BHUTAN- Rubik’s Cube & Dominos

BHUTAN- Rubik’s Cube & Dominos Aravind T S

On 2nd April 2012 me with six students (Sam Kuriakose , Jiju Krishnan, Rajesh alias Rajappan, Sreejith alias Sreekutty, Sudhi, and Anoop.MP) and Thomman started journey to the beautiful destination Bhutan from Palghat junction. The intention behind the travel was to conduct a Market study for a company named Zimdra foods for their new product tetra pack Juice and to rom in and across Bhutan.


It is again two night and three day journey from Palghat Junction  to Boarder station near to Bhutan viz new Jalpaguri.You can imagine the monotonous to keep sitting and travelling log distance. Thomman started anthakshari , the entire crowed especially mallu soldiers who were in our compartment joined with us and stared singing along with us.


On the very next day morning thomman had introduced Dominos hey its not pissa , its a game with ivory colour rectangular cubes . We have started playing dominos on the top of the trolly bag, dominos was a time killing handy game.

Rubik’s cube 

Thomman is a veteran in solving rubik’s cube , we know Thomman often solve Rubik’s cube . Rajesh had requested Thomman to teach us to solve rubik’s cube and we had bought 20 rupees duplicate rubiks from a vendor who sell  miscellaneous inside the train . So every one has started the first lesson of rubik’s cube . It was very tough for us to crack the first lesson , Sudhi has dismantled his rubik’s cube . at the end of the day we all seven has got solution to crack the rubik’s cube .


We have reached Bhutan via road Jaigon is the boarder of India and Bhutan , for Bhutan it is Phuntsholing.Amjith alias Amji ettan were there at Phuntsholing , at that time he was the country head of Ashosk Leyland Ltd. So we have got all the help from him.Bhutan was a sceneric lush green place near to Himalaya. Bhutan is sharing the borders of  China , India , Thailand, Nepal. Bhutan is actually Bhudhist religious kingdom .We have visited a monastery called Takstang Palphug (Tiger Nest) which clings to cliffs above the forested Paro Valley.We had a trekking for one hour and thirty minutes to reach the destination.

Timpu is the capital of Bhutan and having a Airport. All the major attraction are at Timpu and Paru. Things are very expensive there compared with India . You can buy things from Jaigon cheaply but fill petrol from Bhutan 😀

Gross Domestic Happiness 

Bhutan government is not materialistic they are not producing any thing except Power . Bhutan is now trying to measure progress not by the popular idea of Gross Domestic Product but by through Gross National Happiness.

Indian currency has a great demand at Bhutan, why because the inhabitance of Bhutan often buy things from India , So they need Indian currency. All of us had a great discussion on the driving culture and roads of Bhutan , even though Bhutan is a depending country , their driving culture is appreciable , the decipline the patience while drive was a learning experience.

The trip to Bhutan was a mesmerising experience with adventure , cultural difference, pagoda buildings and the beauty of terrain.





Thailand Travelogue

Thailand Travelogue Aravind T S

Thailand the land of bald headed red and yellow robed  buddhist who toting the latest gadgets , transgenders, Massaging centres, Pubs, Entertainments etc. It is actually a tropical destination with Hot blowing air. I have visited Bangkok couple of times. Thailand is very cheap for the accommodation, you can call your mother country as much you can on you replenish data card. Some places of Thailand is not safe but Thai people are mostly good and caring . Last time I visited Thailand with 105 students including faculty of LEAD , Thomman and Pratheesh ettan were the organisers of the tour. Thomman is a person who have visited more that 20 countries.

It is worth to visit as a budget traveller at Thailand ,for Indian Rs.800 you will get 3 star accommodation , food also very cheap and delicious especially sea food .

Thrilling experience are , Dolphin, alligator show, tiger and lion show , Alcazar show Reality Theatre (great experience) is worth watching  and would appreciate the operations behind the show was really effortful.

You would get lot many adventure sports at Coral Island , 5 Km away from Pattaya . We had taken a high speed boat from Pattaya shore to Coral Island. It was amazing when we saw a floating platform , with shops and parasailing board . We reach at the floating platform and gone for parasailing.

The best one that I have found was Sea walk , 25 meters into the sea , we 7 , six students and me took a deep breath and dip into the sea , it was a dreamy experience for us so far , we have seen beautiful corals , fishes , vibrating sounds which you can hear once to submerge this much depth into the sea , great experience .

Final day we reached at Bangkok , and burned out pocket at Indira market . Electronics are very cheap at there , we have bought 18 Flat HD TV’s from there . After shopping we rushed to Suvarnabhoomi Airport .

The first visit to Bangkok was on 2011 with Gold FM,Dubai and the second one was with LEAD’ers on 2013 . Both trip to the same place was different experience.


The Human Engineer -Thomas George

The Human Engineer -Thomas George Aravind T S

In July 2008, I had enrolled at MSN Institute of management technology, Chavara, Kollam for doing MBA in Marketing. MSNIMT had planned   orientation training programme for the newly enrolled batch of 2008-10. On 25th July, Dr.Sudhakaran a veteran Finance faculty came to our class for  introducing a trainer to us , a gentleman with shabby dress and a graceful face – Thomas.K.George , he had thrown away a half bend humble namaskaram. I thought how this person can be a trainer, obviously every one had a perception on trainers wardrobe – viz english style with coat and suit. On the contrary this trainer confronted us on that day with wrinkled shirt and trousers. He told he was on another training programme at some other college and he had rushed to MSNIMT early morning by his furnished caravan.

I was desperate.

He started his class with signing up of a contract on a book (my script-Turning Point) which he had distributed to the whole class , with the terms and conditions that every beneficiary should comply while attending training. He had started his training  with his alias name ‘Thomman’ and said he became happy if we call him ‘Thomman’ instead of Thomas sir . Wow, first time we students got such a freedom from a faculty / trainer.

Thommans’ training was to stretch our brain from 6.00 am to 12.00 Mid night with a mix of soft skills , humour, stories, songs, activities, learning, debate etc . I had undergone his training for ten consecutive days. Really it happened – Behavioural and attitude towards our own life had got U turned there. After the training Thomman became a bosom friend for every trainee .With tears we wound up the training. Thomman had rendered a sweet smile and signed off.

On 31st Dec 2010 I met Thomman again at Kollam, Karbala Rani training centre for organising  World day of the Disabled. We did it pretty well ,and at the end of the day he made me an offer to come to his new MBA college named LEAD College of Management ( at Palakkad – a residential B-School as Management faculty . I decided to join at LEAD on 18th July 2011.

I have been at LEAD for 2 years, I have been reformed from LEAD, yeah what exactly I can say is that Thomman polished my skills , removed the blocks in me to communicate ….Hey hey it’s not a sole experience of mine but the whole LEAD’ers (students and staff) have got reformed because of him .

The man who has inspired me a lot , the man who has equipped me to taking risk, the man who has taught me how to gain strength from cracking the problems. And this man changed my life by giving cauldron of experience. Thank you Thomma……..

I recommend you to meet him[email protected]

Memorabilia Malaysia

Memorabilia Malaysia Aravind T S

We have started our travel to Malaysia on 18-06-2015 at 11.30pm (Ind) form Nedumbaseri Air Port,Kochi,Kerala flight No Ak 38. Our team comprised of 21  having different age group,Anne( was the youngest co-traveller and it goes upto Das sir (75+). Let me say about Mr.Thomas our Thomman was our tour leader (more details find in Peoples: ettan who is a good observer and give back his leanings to all, a nice chap.Thomman’s amma was the another passenger in our group very generous and loving she like to feed others with her home made fryams 🙂 . Preethi chichi (thommans sister), Anne(daughter of preethi chichi) and Raphal ettan (hubby of preethi chechi) was another nest. Mini chichi and family (Ammu and Vargeese ethane) were with us. The old and empty nest were Das sir and his wife 🙂 only physically .Paul ethane was another character in our group , he is our wrestler , he will be active only at the time of Break fast , Lunch and Dinner 🙂 🙂  we tease him like the country that Paul ethane most like is Hungry , the animal he most like is Beer and bird is Kingfisher 😀 . Manu’s amma was another co passenger .Jubiliant sir jubu ettan and his Father’s presence made this tour very live and jubilant 😀 .Mani sir and family, Vinith is Mani sir son working in merchant navy good chap. Sreerag was another co-traveller with us, very loving man from Kozhikode and another kid was Vimal 😀 the Romeo in our group.

We have reached at KL at 6.30am (MAL)

I saw a ammayi (Aunty) with LEAD college placard our guide ‘Noori’ then we all got into the bus that the travel agency has arranged. The bus has dropped us at a beautiful hotel for having breakfast. After the break fast we have gone to Hotel Pacific Grand and checked in for 3 days stay .Me and Vimal got a room in the way we could  see the Petronas tower through the window .

We have visited Petronas twin tower , Puthr Jaya bridge and Place , Aquarium at Petronas, Genting Highland ,Bhuktha caves,China Market.

Malaysia is a Muslim country and having a cream of other religions like Hindus, Buddhist, Christians.The sprawling capital, Kuala Lumpur, is home to colonial buildings, busy shopping destination such as Bukit Bintang and skyscrapers including the iconic, 451m-tall Petronas Twin Towers.Beware of pilferages and bag snatchers around city part of KL.