Collector Bro – Book Review

Collector Bro – Book Review 720 1280 Aravind T S

This is not a ‘Thallal’ book. I don’t know why the author gave a tagline as ‘The quixotic thallas. First I thought the genre of the book #CollectorBro was unrealistic or bragging narration of some incidents that happened in the life of the author. But while going through the book it was more than what we knew from social media and news about what actually happened at #Kozhikode (Calicut) during those time.

This book says about the leadership and the challenges, Prasanth Nair IAS had faced for facelifting a district. I believe he is the first collector in Kerala who had started, collectors volunteering program, where the youth can work with the collector as volunteers for implementing Calicut district administration flagship programs like
‘Compassionate Kozhikode’ -
‘There Mere Beach mein’ etc
‘Public Participatory Survilance’ (substitute to CCTV cameras)

As a social media researcher, I often follow Collector Bro alias Mr Prasanth Nair IAS for his optimal utilisation of social media platforms to communicate with the public about the district administration initiatives. ( He started the official page for Calicut District collector as ‘Collector Kozhikode’ to influence the people to participate in all district administration philanthropy initiatives, it is a landmark case study for all social media researchers to know the effectiveness of social media platforms for crowdsourcing and Volunteering (Page number 47 of this book explains about all those things).


– A leader is a person who makes other leaders
– People say what they say let them say
– Social Media a powerful tool for communication
– Impact of a Visionary & participatory Leadership instead of – ——- -Bureaucratic image
– Do everything with love and compassion

Dr.Aravind TS

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