My 20 Life Lessons in 2020

My 20 Life Lessons in 2020 500 500 Aravind T S

Always ask for an order – Salesman qualities

Always ask for an order – Salesman qualities 2855 2100 Aravind T S

A sales person has to make sure to ask for on order even if we have given a good product presentation and inform about the price, we should not hesitate to ask them to buy our product. In this video I am trying to explain about why and how a salesman have to ask the customers for placing an order?

Virtual Reality Cricket @ Kochi

Virtual Reality Cricket @ Kochi 1280 720 Aravind T S

IAA World Congress 2019 -Kochi

IAA World Congress 2019 -Kochi 2855 2100 Aravind T S


This is the 44th edition of the IAA World Congress. It has been a biennial conclave held all over the world where the spotlight is focused on the communications in all its form. World leaders in their respective area of expertise will come to set forth their grand vision for the near future.

Now, for the first time the World Congress comes to India, and no efforts will be spared to make this an unforgettable experience.
The theme of the Congress will be “Brand Dharma” to bring to life the basic principles that a brand has to follow to connect with its customers and society at large.
Me, my marketing guru Dr.Madhu, and my PhD guide Dr.Vinth were with me to attend this program


Edu-gamification Aravind T S

Edu-gmaification is a new concept complained with education and gamification principles. Game and gamification have some difference, using of game principle in a systematic way and motivate the user to learn and be savy and addicted with the game.

Edu-gamification is a collaborative and holistic concept, were gamification is used for educational purpose, it improves the self learning capabilities of students by motivating them with the psychological aspects of gamification principles.

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