The Human Engineer -Thomas George

The Human Engineer -Thomas George Aravind T S

In July 2008, I had enrolled at MSN Institute of management technology, Chavara, Kollam for doing MBA in Marketing. MSNIMT had planned   orientation training programme for the newly enrolled batch of 2008-10. On 25th July, Dr.Sudhakaran a veteran Finance faculty came to our class for  introducing a trainer to us , a gentleman with shabby dress and a graceful face – Thomas.K.George , he had thrown away a half bend humble namaskaram. I thought how this person can be a trainer, obviously every one had a perception on trainers wardrobe – viz english style with coat and suit. On the contrary this trainer confronted us on that day with wrinkled shirt and trousers. He told he was on another training programme at some other college and he had rushed to MSNIMT early morning by his furnished caravan.

I was desperate.

He started his class with signing up of a contract on a book (my script-Turning Point) which he had distributed to the whole class , with the terms and conditions that every beneficiary should comply while attending training. He had started his training  with his alias name ‘Thomman’ and said he became happy if we call him ‘Thomman’ instead of Thomas sir . Wow, first time we students got such a freedom from a faculty / trainer.

Thommans’ training was to stretch our brain from 6.00 am to 12.00 Mid night with a mix of soft skills , humour, stories, songs, activities, learning, debate etc . I had undergone his training for ten consecutive days. Really it happened – Behavioural and attitude towards our own life had got U turned there. After the training Thomman became a bosom friend for every trainee .With tears we wound up the training. Thomman had rendered a sweet smile and signed off.

On 31st Dec 2010 I met Thomman again at Kollam, Karbala Rani training centre for organising  World day of the Disabled. We did it pretty well ,and at the end of the day he made me an offer to come to his new MBA college named LEAD College of Management ( at Palakkad – a residential B-School as Management faculty . I decided to join at LEAD on 18th July 2011.

I have been at LEAD for 2 years, I have been reformed from LEAD, yeah what exactly I can say is that Thomman polished my skills , removed the blocks in me to communicate ….Hey hey it’s not a sole experience of mine but the whole LEAD’ers (students and staff) have got reformed because of him .

The man who has inspired me a lot , the man who has equipped me to taking risk, the man who has taught me how to gain strength from cracking the problems. And this man changed my life by giving cauldron of experience. Thank you Thomma……..

I recommend you to meet him[email protected]