Memorabilia Malaysia

Memorabilia Malaysia

Memorabilia Malaysia Aravind T S

We have started our travel to Malaysia on 18-06-2015 at 11.30pm (Ind) form Nedumbaseri Air Port,Kochi,Kerala flight No Ak 38. Our team comprised of 21  having different age group,Anne( was the youngest co-traveller and it goes upto Das sir (75+). Let me say about Mr.Thomas our Thomman was our tour leader (more details find in Peoples: ettan who is a good observer and give back his leanings to all, a nice chap.Thomman’s amma was the another passenger in our group very generous and loving she like to feed others with her home made fryams 🙂 . Preethi chichi (thommans sister), Anne(daughter of preethi chichi) and Raphal ettan (hubby of preethi chechi) was another nest. Mini chichi and family (Ammu and Vargeese ethane) were with us. The old and empty nest were Das sir and his wife 🙂 only physically .Paul ethane was another character in our group , he is our wrestler , he will be active only at the time of Break fast , Lunch and Dinner 🙂 🙂  we tease him like the country that Paul ethane most like is Hungry , the animal he most like is Beer and bird is Kingfisher 😀 . Manu’s amma was another co passenger .Jubiliant sir jubu ettan and his Father’s presence made this tour very live and jubilant 😀 .Mani sir and family, Vinith is Mani sir son working in merchant navy good chap. Sreerag was another co-traveller with us, very loving man from Kozhikode and another kid was Vimal 😀 the Romeo in our group.

We have reached at KL at 6.30am (MAL)

I saw a ammayi (Aunty) with LEAD college placard our guide ‘Noori’ then we all got into the bus that the travel agency has arranged. The bus has dropped us at a beautiful hotel for having breakfast. After the break fast we have gone to Hotel Pacific Grand and checked in for 3 days stay .Me and Vimal got a room in the way we could  see the Petronas tower through the window .

We have visited Petronas twin tower , Puthr Jaya bridge and Place , Aquarium at Petronas, Genting Highland ,Bhuktha caves,China Market.

Malaysia is a Muslim country and having a cream of other religions like Hindus, Buddhist, Christians.The sprawling capital, Kuala Lumpur, is home to colonial buildings, busy shopping destination such as Bukit Bintang and skyscrapers including the iconic, 451m-tall Petronas Twin Towers.Beware of pilferages and bag snatchers around city part of KL.