‘Fish’ Philosophy

‘Fish’ Philosophy 2400 1700 Aravind T S

This is inspirational book for a remarkable way to boost morale and improve Results in your workplace ” Work Made fun gets done”

Wisdom from the Pike Place Fish Market:

• Have the courage to change.

• Never fear the risk of failure. The risk of doing nothing is greater than the risk of acting.

• Leave your own indelible mark on the world. Respect your creative urges. Your choices are as authentic as you are.

• Never stop learning and growing.

• You have within yourself more resources of energy, talent, and strength than you think.

• Concrete steps to take: Call a meeting and speak from the heart, find a message that communicates choosing your attitude in a way that everyone will understand and personalize. Provide motivation, and persist with faith.

Best Work from home Software for Project Management

Best Work from home Software for Project Management 2400 1700 Aravind T S

When your company works from an office, there are certain things that you take for granted. Your company provides you with a desk, a chair, computer, keyboard etc. This equipment is all a part of the general “work from office” setup. So WHAT happens when you throw caution to the wind and decide to go remote? You’ve suddenly got a lot of decisions to make about your own personal office. All you needed is

Good wireless headphones




Note pad


1. Asana is a software program that helps teams easily track their work from the web and on mobile devices. The goal of Asana is to reduce the chaos of work and bring the feeling of being “deep in the zone” to teamwork. Asana creates effortless coordination between people working together that creates transparency, focus, and clarity, which reduces friction and increases great results. 

2. Trello is the visually appealing Kanban-style solution that is ideal for smaller teams, Trello is mainly a free service that lets users work with an unlimited number of boards, lists and cards.

3. Scoro gives us a single platform to manage CRM, billing, work flow tracking and management is brilliant. Scoro is known for its user-friendly, yet advanced features.

4.Basecamp is a good app, and very affordable for large teams. Basecamp now has a totally free version to help you manage personal projects. It helps with team collaboration, file sharing, and project organization,

5. Notion is the all-in-one workspace for notes, project management, documents, and collaboration. By bringing all work and knowledge together and making it highly customizable, Notion creates focus and transparency, while consolidating tools, saving time, and driving more productivity for teams of all sizes.

6. Paymo is a very compact project management system. I have used a lot of project and task management for my work and paymo is my new favorite. I like the UI its similar to me like all other project management services.

7.Avaza ia an all-in-one software for professional teams. Seamless project management, time tracking & financials for a more efficient & profitable business.

8. Redbooth the perfect platform for organizing team projects. it is a cloud-based project management, collaboration and communication platform that is focused on serving companies of all sizes in all industries.

9.ClickUp is an excellent project management software. Functional but user-friendly.” Overall: Overall, ClickUp has made it easier to manage a large software project and to get engagement with my client

How to use mobile phone safely? Part 2

How to use mobile phone safely? Part 2 2855 2100 Aravind T S

How to use mobile phone safely? Part 1

How to use mobile phone safely? Part 1 2855 2100 Aravind T S

Facebook Algorithm decoded : Malayalam Part 3

Facebook Algorithm decoded : Malayalam Part 3 2855 2100 Aravind T S

Facebook Algorithm decoded : Malayalam Part 2

Facebook Algorithm decoded : Malayalam Part 2 2855 2100 Aravind T S

Facebook Algorithm decoded : Malayalam Part 1

Facebook Algorithm decoded : Malayalam Part 1 2855 2100 Aravind T S

B’HUB : More than a Co-working space for start up

B’HUB : More than a Co-working space for start up 2855 2100 Aravind T S

B-hub is Kerala’s Biggest co-working space and a learning centre. More than a co working space B-hub provides opportunities for learning, skilling and reskilling. B hub is situated in Trivandrum inside Mar Ivanios Vidya Nagar. B-hub isa platform to work, learn & network for startups, product companies & niche services companies, communities, industries, investors, mentors, talents, professionals, students, aspirants and all other stakeholders of the ecosystem.

Facebook Algorithm Decoded

Facebook Algorithm Decoded 2855 2100 Aravind T S

EdgeRank is a Facebook algorithm that determine which stories appear in each users news feed. Now a days fake messages regarding Facebook and its algorithm is spreading allover the world, that if you are not connecting frequently with your friends and aquatints on FB, you will not be able to get the news feeds and updates of those idle friends and your updates wont got other unconnected friends also.

EdgeRank Algorithm

EdgeRank is like a ranking algorithm, its a credit rating algorithm and no one other than FB knows exactly how it works Fb has introduced its state of the art algorithm in the year 2011 and connected it to machine learning on 2013. Facebook has revealed three elements about EdgeRank algorithm, they are 1.Affinity Score

2.Edge Weight

3.Time Decay

inQ Innovation Kochi : Co working space for start up in Kerala

inQ Innovation Kochi : Co working space for start up in Kerala 2855 2100 Aravind T S

inQ innovation is one of the global player in helping the startups by providing incubation facilities and providing infrastructure facilities as well as training and development for the startups. inq innovation is having their roots in Sydney, Dubai, Banglore, Kochi. Their upcoming incubation project is in the pipeline which is going to hit at Mumbai. Inq innovation is providing seed funding, accelerating programs for startups and connecting venture capitalist with the incubated companies. They are also providing free legal aid for company registration and legal helps. Inq innovation conducting monthly meet the angle funding programs to help the inhabitant companies to pitch their business plan before the venture capitalist. Iqu innovation providing a healthy work culture to improve productivity and networking opportunities. There is a team of community managers to help and support the startups in inq innovation. You can see motivational quotes (sticker) been pasted on every wall to keep the environment more enthusiastic and productive. There are cabin facilities also for the startups and it is charging per chair basis. There is a pantry in the incubation space where you can have you eatables Freebees 1. Unlimited Coffee 2. Unlimited internet 3. Print 4. Conference hall 5. Parcel service 6. Car parking 7. Power backup