Live Life to its Fullest

Live Life to its Fullest Aravind T S

No matter how old you are, where you have been bought up, and your background, we need a desire to be successful. Each person’s definition of success is different. Some may define success as being love4d by a spouse or caring parents, most people equate success with wealth, fame, and power. Moreover, this success can be defined as “living life at its fullest”

How to select your perfect job

How to select your perfect job 150 150 Aravind T S

Visionary Leaders for Success

Visionary Leaders for Success Aravind T S


You can find different Leaders in our society . Here we are discussing about Visionary Leaders and how Visionary Leaders can transform the world



Conventionally big shot companies manufacture products at their home country and market it their own place and mere portion will be export to the other developed countries and emerging markets (EM). A reverse innovation is any innovation likely to be adopted first in the developing world. For example, companies develop products in countries such as China and India, and then distribute them globally. Two business exponents called Mr.Vijay Govindarajan & Mr.Chris Trimble propounded reverse Innovation

Glocalization strategies assume that innovation has already occurred, and that developing nations are in a slow and evolutionary process of catching up with the rest of the richer world. They will import what the richer world develops as soon as they can afford to do so. Glocalization is the process that companies use to export modified versions of global products originally developed for rich-world consumers.

What matters Innovation ?

The income gap between the developed countries and the developing countries are the sources of reverse innovation. It is obvious that manufactures has no way to design a commodity for a developed nation like US and then adapt it for Emerging nation like India and China. Buyers in EM need a solution at low cost . They demand high quailiy products for ultra low cost.


“So Try to innovate here and Glocalise it across the world as per the demography of the geography”


Creative Visualisation

Creative Visualisation Aravind T S

Creative visualisation can be explained as the seeding of images which intend for  reality creation. It is the process of  thought creation and make that though into realistic by using imagine , create and attract to your life. Creative visualisation function on a fundamental theory called law of attraction.

“You will see it when you believe it.”

Perumthachan complex




Perumthachan alias Raman ‘The master of Kerala architecture’ .Perumthachan creation were so exquisite and consider as a reincarnation of the architect of the Gods.He has made very intellectual designs for the architectural structures and consider as a man of great erudition. Perumthachan was very arrogant because his over loaded knowledge towards architectural area.

Here I am connecting Premthachan’s ego with work place . Ego and professional jealousy are the 2 babies at work place. The seniors or the group of seniors may dominate at the workplace , quite natural . It is acceptable that they are overloaded with exorbitant knowledge and skills for the job they are in right now.Once the junior subordinate ask any doubt or seeks any help ,Perumthachan complex may pop out from the senior superiors. Most of the professionals cannot withstand the raising of their competitors even if they fix a drink at the same party.

They wont disclose the secrete of their success, or how this has been accomplished by them successfully (Perumthachan has ablaze all the informative recourses about architectures written by him with an intention that not to disclose the treasure of architectural secretes to the world).

I believe Perumthachan was also insecure because of his son’s competency

The story goes like this
Peruthachan had made a mechanical doll and placed near to the bridge which connecting two provinces .If some one foot on the bridge the doll slowly climb up with moth full of water and at the target spot, the doll spit the water on the passerby .Because of humiliation people had started avoiding bridge.

The new generation Perumthachan’s son came up with a counter attack against his fathers creativity. Another doll has placed adjustment to the former ones, and programmed as like to give a slap on the face of his father’s doll once it trigger to spit on the passerby.

This incident had made Perumthachan to make a thought that his son will create more aesthetic architectural wonders.

So Perumthachan conspired himself to kill his son , while they are working together at a temple. His son was sitting beneath and Perumthachan had taken the best advantage of the context to kill his son and dropped his chisel, which precisely cut the neck of his son. ‘The story of professional jealousy’.

We can find so many Perumthachans around us in our daily life especially in work place. They hesitate to transform their knowledge to their juniors who are eagerly waiting for acquiring knowledge.

HOW TO CRACK ‘Perumthachan complex’
It is a management to crack the Preumthachans complex .Management to tackle this ego needs patience and adaptability.

Believe Perumthachans are most dangerous and same like Raman alias Perumthachan. They may go to their maximum extent to destroy the competitors. So avoid competition and do collaboration with them until and unless you become the next Perumthachan 😀 .

Ad agency Workshop

Ad agency Workshop 150 150 Aravind T S

Ad agency workshop conducted at LEAD College of management.Selected student has been divided into different groups as Clint Accountant, Production,Post production. They had created a story and depicted it as a story board .

Poster Making Class

Poster Making Class 150 150 Aravind T S

Poster making session has made an amazing result .