How to Effectively Present the Price to the customer?

How to Effectively Present the Price to the customer?

How to Effectively Present the Price to the customer? 2855 2100 Aravind T S

Price presentation
Any prepared salesman has figured out how to ace a value introduction system, with an end
goal to stay away from the ceaseless customer reaction: “That is costly… “
In the new era of digital marketing we don’t have to go behind customers they will come to
us and firstly raise the question
” How much does it cost?”.
No matter how much prepared we are with our product presentation and confidence to close
the sales, This question often makes us vulnerable.
But there is a solution

  1. Fix a Range – Categorise our product with a range. For Example : from 4laks to
  2. Wait for them to choose – The customer will choose their range or price.
  3. Understand their Selection
    a) If a customer selects a mid range, he/she has an idea about the product and
    chooses safer side
    b) If the customer selects a higher price from the range she is not so much into
    price issues.
    c) If they choose about the product, we can understand its not about the product
    but money issue.

Out of 100 customers 65% of them would go for the cheapest product as it is hard to figure it
out initialy by sitting a range it can be solved and convince them we can help them with
many ways such as EMI, part pay etc,.
If a salesperson can identify the need of the customer, the sale will be positive and we can
also give the customer an insight about the market and market value of particular products
which would increase the customers trust on us

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