How to avoid Discounts in Sales?

How to avoid Discounts in Sales?

How to avoid Discounts in Sales? 2855 2100 Aravind T S

How to avoid Discount?
We can make a win win situation for us and customers by making negotiations in sales
without giving discounts.

1) Giving Options
We can give three options Good, Better and Best in our presentation itself, if the
price is our customers problem, we can give them 3 range products and they can
choose among them hence we can avoid the situation of being asked for discounts.
2) Substitute Products
We can give them another brand/ product which suits their budget if our product price
is not affordable by them.
3) Free services
Inorder to avoid giving discounts we can give them free maintenance, free home
delivery, Free installation, extended warranty.
4) Gifts
We can give accessories or peripherals connected with the product. We need not
give any price reduction, but making them feel we had given them some importance.
5) EMI Options
If our customers has money issue we can give them EMI options to overcome it other
than reducing price.
We will have to give discounts in some industries, hence we are bound to give discounts in
certain situations in such situations.
6) Ask something in Return
a) Bulk Order Ask our customer to give us bulk order and it would be easy to
give discounts for more than a certain number of items.
b) Extended Service – If we are selling service, we can give them service for a
period if they want discounts for an order in return, hence we can give

As a sales person it’s our duty to sell our product with the price range of the product. Hence
we will become successful and we will not have to face a situation where we have to go to
our company to avail a discount for one of our customers, we can handle the situation
ourselves by giving other options to our customers within our price range and overcome the
difficulty in giving discounts.

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