How I make Online classes with Prezi – Part 1

How I make Online classes with Prezi – Part 1

How I make Online classes with Prezi – Part 1 1280 720 Aravind T S

The Corona virus outbreak leading to a new educational revolution in India. The covid19 pandemic has forced governing Body’s and school management to look to digital learning and online tutorial as the only workable solution, till the entire education system is grossly underprepared. Story of a modern sanitary napkin and the internet is the landmark example of inventions at the time of necessity. The crisis situation always creates a necessity to invent new things. Now the government is taking initiative on implementing a digital learning platforms and it’s kind of a Paradigm shift. I am not saying it’s a new concept but we cannot digital learning methodology before the outbreak of a coved-19. The classes have been forced to shut down because of the viral attack as per precautionary measures.How to make interactive class better in 2020. How to make online classes very effective and interactive? Dear teachers these are the effective online tutorial making platforms.I will explain one by one in this video and coming video. In this video I am explaining about makig effective online video lectures effectively with Prezi video, its a free online presentation making platform.

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