How Appa and Chakki went Viral? – The Malabar Gold Story

How Appa and Chakki went Viral? – The Malabar Gold Story

How Appa and Chakki went Viral? – The Malabar Gold Story 2400 1700 Aravind T S

Jayaram is one among the popular actor having a space in every mallu audience as a family member. He is a family person who cherishes his family values and can feel the connection between them because of his constant conversations in his interviews

         ‘Let her also shine’ a new campaign by Malabar Gold and Diamonds directed by Appunni Nair of Pupa Production in association with Filmysutra the ad agency has created the ad

The ad starts with a dream of a father imagining the marriage of his daughter who sigh on the thought that his little girl has grown into a girl to be married proudly

Malabar Gold & Diamonds, one among the largest global jewellery  retailer with 250 showrooms had attempted of making ad campaigns with Bollywood Stars like Anil Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor etc. But never had such an impact with the mallu audience so far.

In 2020 March the Jewelry came up with new ad campaign featuring Jayaram and his daughter Malavika alias Chakki.

Why it went viral?

Though Kerala was under the clutches of Covid-19 the ad did not loose its charm. Within a day the ad became popular in social media. Keralites were surprised to see Jayaram and Malavika combo on screen as a model because she has never been introduced on screen though Jayaram’s son Kalidasan has been shining on big screen from child artist turned actor.

The ad was first released on WhatsApp and other social media platforms and then on television followed by trolls based on the same connected with the lockdown period in Kerala. The ad shows a father love and affection towards his daughter which was then turned to fun filled trolls related to the ad, politics, lockdown, marriage.

How Trolls helps in marketing

 Following points explains how trolls helps in marketing:

  1. Electronic Word of mouth (E-WOM)

   The information communicated through online by friends and relatives is constructed to be more credible honest and trust worthy than that generated from marketers.

  • Social exchange theory

The theory mainly uses cost benefit framework and comparison of alternative to explain how human beings communicate with each other, how they form relationships and bonds.

  • Social penetration theory

Social exchange theories states that human beings form close relationships through self-disclosures.

  • Social network analysis

Social network treats individual actors in a community as nodes, the communication between those actors are deemed as tie, edges, links or connections.

  • McLuhan’s Media theory

The actual messages people are communicating won’t be any different on the new media, the interactivity and frequency of new communication pattern will change our behavior forever.

 Clients Vision to Outshine

Through this ad the Clint Malabar Gold and Diamonds only looks forward for Brand building and visibility in the vulnerable time where people have been asked to Stay home Stay safe.

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