Best Marketing Automation Tools 2020

Best Marketing Automation Tools 2020 2400 1700 Aravind T S

The marketing automation industry is growing from a $500 million market to an expected $6.4 billion by 2024. Today we present a list of the best market automation tools available on the market today. According to a recent survey, 67% of marketing executives already use at least one version of an automated marketing platform, and 21% have started using it themselves.


HubSpot is one of the most popular marketing automation tools available on the market today. Its products and services aim to provide a platform for real-time analysis, live chat and data analysis for marketers.


Market’s powerful marketing automation software helps marketers master the art and science of digital marketing to reach customers and prospects. Marketing automation tools for account-based marketing, social media marketing and other marketing tasks.Marketo also offers free training for students.


Company offers software to automate customer experiences that combines marketing automation tools such as ActiveCampaignbe it for Account-based marketing, social media marketing, and other marketing tasks.Manage your pipeline, update your contracts and always track them at the perfect moment, or manage and update them in real time with a single click


Reduce the cost of acquiring customers by focusing your resources on the prospects with the highest probability of winning. Erxe combines marketing, sales and customer service tools on a single platform for more output.


Autopilot Marketing Automation Software is the easiest way to automate and personalize your marketing throughout the entire customer journey. Unify your sales, support, marketing and success platforms with a unified sales support and marketing success platform.Freshworks —


Freshworks provides customer engagement software to businesses of all sizes, making it easy for customer support, sales and marketing professionals to communicate more effectively with customers and deliver moments of wow. You also feel the same WOW When you see the features of the software.Freshworks’ unified sales, support, marketing, and success platform. for the business.


SendX is an Intuitive, Affordable & Feature-rich Email Marketing Software for marketers & business owners….. It enables users to send unlimited email campaigns, build email lists, design emails using a drag-and-drop editor, email automation and sequences….. User can build email list using high converting email popups forms, inline forms, and landing pages to own your audience.


Jumplead is inbound marketing automation software for people who want to work smarter with their online marketing, but don’t want the cost and complexity of most inbound and marketing automation systems…… Marketing software that focuses on the features you need to get the job done….. Generating, managing and nurturing leads with the ability to hook into your existing CRM or toolset via integrations and an open and flexible API.


Platformly is a powerful yet easy to use business management and marketing automation tool for busy business owners who are focused on growth….. Platformly makes marketing attribution easy by precisely tracking interactions across different campaigns and channels throughout your entire marketing funnel.

The features includes Business dash boards, Link tracking, CRM, Lead capture, Messaging, Marketing Automation, integration and Complete Report.


Treck is simple lead generation tool by providing easiest on site messaging toolkit and Engage your website visitors with user-friendly popups, side messages and notification bars, without coding…..User can create marketing campaign very easily with this software by choosing different template and customize options are also available with embedded code to pblish on your website.

How to Effectively Present the Price to the customer?

How to Effectively Present the Price to the customer? 2855 2100 Aravind T S

Price presentation
Any prepared salesman has figured out how to ace a value introduction system, with an end
goal to stay away from the ceaseless customer reaction: “That is costly… “
In the new era of digital marketing we don’t have to go behind customers they will come to
us and firstly raise the question
” How much does it cost?”.
No matter how much prepared we are with our product presentation and confidence to close
the sales, This question often makes us vulnerable.
But there is a solution

  1. Fix a Range – Categorise our product with a range. For Example : from 4laks to
  2. Wait for them to choose – The customer will choose their range or price.
  3. Understand their Selection
    a) If a customer selects a mid range, he/she has an idea about the product and
    chooses safer side
    b) If the customer selects a higher price from the range she is not so much into
    price issues.
    c) If they choose about the product, we can understand its not about the product
    but money issue.

Out of 100 customers 65% of them would go for the cheapest product as it is hard to figure it
out initialy by sitting a range it can be solved and convince them we can help them with
many ways such as EMI, part pay etc,.
If a salesperson can identify the need of the customer, the sale will be positive and we can
also give the customer an insight about the market and market value of particular products
which would increase the customers trust on us

How find a good Customer?

How find a good Customer? 2855 2100 Aravind T S

How to avoid Discounts in Sales?

How to avoid Discounts in Sales? 2855 2100 Aravind T S

How to avoid Discount?
We can make a win win situation for us and customers by making negotiations in sales
without giving discounts.

1) Giving Options
We can give three options Good, Better and Best in our presentation itself, if the
price is our customers problem, we can give them 3 range products and they can
choose among them hence we can avoid the situation of being asked for discounts.
2) Substitute Products
We can give them another brand/ product which suits their budget if our product price
is not affordable by them.
3) Free services
Inorder to avoid giving discounts we can give them free maintenance, free home
delivery, Free installation, extended warranty.
4) Gifts
We can give accessories or peripherals connected with the product. We need not
give any price reduction, but making them feel we had given them some importance.
5) EMI Options
If our customers has money issue we can give them EMI options to overcome it other
than reducing price.
We will have to give discounts in some industries, hence we are bound to give discounts in
certain situations in such situations.
6) Ask something in Return
a) Bulk Order Ask our customer to give us bulk order and it would be easy to
give discounts for more than a certain number of items.
b) Extended Service – If we are selling service, we can give them service for a
period if they want discounts for an order in return, hence we can give

As a sales person it’s our duty to sell our product with the price range of the product. Hence
we will become successful and we will not have to face a situation where we have to go to
our company to avail a discount for one of our customers, we can handle the situation
ourselves by giving other options to our customers within our price range and overcome the
difficulty in giving discounts.

Qualities of Salesman – Sales Motivation

Qualities of Salesman – Sales Motivation 2855 2100 Aravind T S

Normally it is said that the most important quality of a salesman is the ability to talk to convince the clients. But that is not the basic quality. The most important quality of sales person are

1)Asking the right question

2) Make customer talk

3)Find link


Always ask for an order – Salesman qualities

Always ask for an order – Salesman qualities 2855 2100 Aravind T S

A sales person has to make sure to ask for on order even if we have given a good product presentation and inform about the price, we should not hesitate to ask them to buy our product. In this video I am trying to explain about why and how a salesman have to ask the customers for placing an order?

How to sell a product to a customer & Closing a sale techniques.

How to sell a product to a customer & Closing a sale techniques. 2855 2100 Aravind T S

Even though we have a good product, we have successfully given a presentation by approaching our customer and yet they say some reason and avoid us. In this video I am explaining about reasons why our customers avoid us and tip for tackle the that and closing the sale.

How to Avoid Sales Rejection? Boost your sales with this strategy

How to Avoid Sales Rejection? Boost your sales with this strategy 2855 2100 Aravind T S

Sales is a rejection business, every sales person face an internal pressure due to rejection. Rejection is caused by product presentation and price. Mostly we get rejected when we tell our customers about the Product price, even though we are well prepared with presentation of the product we tent to fail when we reach the price part.

New Trend in Film Marketing : How to promote a film?

New Trend in Film Marketing : How to promote a film? 2855 2100 Aravind T S

The new trend in film marketing is giving physical evidence to the moviegoers by exhibiting the stills and properties which used in the movie. In Malayalam film the first film did the film location and portrait photography exhibition was ‘Moothon’ directed by Geethu Mohandas and the second one is ‘Kottyam’ directed by Binu Bhaskar.

Virtual Reality Cricket @ Kochi

Virtual Reality Cricket @ Kochi 1280 720 Aravind T S

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