BHUTAN- Rubik’s Cube & Dominos

BHUTAN- Rubik’s Cube & Dominos

BHUTAN- Rubik’s Cube & Dominos Aravind T S

On 2nd April 2012 me with six students (Sam Kuriakose , Jiju Krishnan, Rajesh alias Rajappan, Sreejith alias Sreekutty, Sudhi, and Anoop.MP) and Thomman started journey to the beautiful destination Bhutan from Palghat junction. The intention behind the travel was to conduct a Market study for a company named Zimdra foods for their new product tetra pack Juice and to rom in and across Bhutan.


It is again two night and three day journey from Palghat Junction  to Boarder station near to Bhutan viz new Jalpaguri.You can imagine the monotonous to keep sitting and travelling log distance. Thomman started anthakshari , the entire crowed especially mallu soldiers who were in our compartment joined with us and stared singing along with us.


On the very next day morning thomman had introduced Dominos hey its not pissa , its a game with ivory colour rectangular cubes . We have started playing dominos on the top of the trolly bag, dominos was a time killing handy game.

Rubik’s cube 

Thomman is a veteran in solving rubik’s cube , we know Thomman often solve Rubik’s cube . Rajesh had requested Thomman to teach us to solve rubik’s cube and we had bought 20 rupees duplicate rubiks from a vendor who sell  miscellaneous inside the train . So every one has started the first lesson of rubik’s cube . It was very tough for us to crack the first lesson , Sudhi has dismantled his rubik’s cube . at the end of the day we all seven has got solution to crack the rubik’s cube .


We have reached Bhutan via road Jaigon is the boarder of India and Bhutan , for Bhutan it is Phuntsholing.Amjith alias Amji ettan were there at Phuntsholing , at that time he was the country head of Ashosk Leyland Ltd. So we have got all the help from him.Bhutan was a sceneric lush green place near to Himalaya. Bhutan is sharing the borders of  China , India , Thailand, Nepal. Bhutan is actually Bhudhist religious kingdom .We have visited a monastery called Takstang Palphug (Tiger Nest) which clings to cliffs above the forested Paro Valley.We had a trekking for one hour and thirty minutes to reach the destination.

Timpu is the capital of Bhutan and having a Airport. All the major attraction are at Timpu and Paru. Things are very expensive there compared with India . You can buy things from Jaigon cheaply but fill petrol from Bhutan 😀

Gross Domestic Happiness 

Bhutan government is not materialistic they are not producing any thing except Power . Bhutan is now trying to measure progress not by the popular idea of Gross Domestic Product but by through Gross National Happiness.

Indian currency has a great demand at Bhutan, why because the inhabitance of Bhutan often buy things from India , So they need Indian currency. All of us had a great discussion on the driving culture and roads of Bhutan , even though Bhutan is a depending country , their driving culture is appreciable , the decipline the patience while drive was a learning experience.

The trip to Bhutan was a mesmerising experience with adventure , cultural difference, pagoda buildings and the beauty of terrain.