INSTABRANDING – Branding Through Instagram

INSTABRANDING – Branding Through Instagram

INSTABRANDING – Branding Through Instagram Aravind T S

INSTABRANDING – Branding Through Instagram 

Instagram is visual platform not only for taking picture or editing the picture , but also an app for sharing your pictures .Instagram its a social media having a user base of  15 to 80 million.It was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krienger  and launched in October 2010.Prior to April 2012 its service was only toward Apple iphone, ipad,itouch now its service has been extended toward android as well .
You will get different types of photo filters like X-Pro II – Warm, saturated effect. Emphasis on yellow.
Earlybird – Faded, blurred, focuses on yellow and beige.Lo-fi – Slightly blurred, with yellow and green saturated.Sutro – Sepia effect. Emphasis on purple and yellow,Whole image made darker.Toaster – High exposure. Some blurring.Brannan – Low key. Focus on gray and green.Willow – Black and white with some blend effect.Valencia – High contrast, slightly gray and brow,Inkwell – Black and white filter with high contrast.

Layman’s Advantage

From my observation and from my personal experience Instagram is great tool for marketing a person , a book, a film , theater shows , functions in an Ad company by way of clik,edit and sharing of  a casual picture it haven’t a professional attributes even a layman can also take a picture in his phone and easily edit with on touch photo filters and share .That is the major advantage of Instagram .And another major advantage is you can perfectly match your picture with varieties of  frames.

Story Telling 

My friend Andrine Mendez (Andy),CEO of an advertising firm called Salt Mango Tree (SMT) often use Instagram for telling the tale of his company’s journey of 24×7 and his hang out photos . The visual effect of Instagram will render a perfect reminiscence or a nostalgic feeling in the mind of the viewers .

Use hashtags

Like on Twitter, hashtagging photos enables discovery of your profile by users outside of your primary connections. You can use the search functionality on the app to find out which hashtags are often used. Like on Twitter, hashtagging Instagram photos by event, geolocation, or subject matter is a good idea.



As I said earlyer , Instabranding is an upcoming trend ,people often use this for there personal marketing or ther business . Who all can use this app for Branding is a question ,let me put forward some live cases 

Top Shop: 256K followers :UK-based fashion retailer Top Shop uses Instagram to market its new products, as well as to highlight trends that inspire its designers. What’s unique about Top Shop’s Instagram approach is that the company also uses the platform as a channel to promote secret offers, promotions, and discount codes. Complete with its own content marketing platform, “214 Magazine,” Top Shop also promotes new issues and articles from the fashion magazine in its Instagram feed. 

Benefit Cosmetics: 51K followers

Alongside regular posts of the high-end makeup brand’s product lines, Benefit also posts images from around the company’s headquarters. In addition, Benefit posts beautiful, anecdotal images intended to humanize the brand and connect with its target audience — women who love beauty and makeup.

TIME magazine: 177K followers

TIME magazine provides the type of content that is the biggest reason why audiences love to connect with their favorite organizations and brands over social media.
Posting photos from all over the world, the magazine provides candid, first-hand glimpses into the global issues that are covered within its pages on a weekly basis. TIME’s recent real-time coverage of the Democratic and Republican national conventions was an impressive visual display that made readers feel like they were right on the convention floor.



Use Instagram to share unique, behind-the-scenes content that not only gives your audience a good reason to want to follow you there, but also helps you solidify a personal relationship and build loyalty with your customers new and old. Instagram is a perfect place to get even more personal with your biggest fans.

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