Will Social media helps in recruitment process

Will Social media helps in recruitment process

Will Social media helps in recruitment process 2000 2000 Aravind T S
Will Social media helps in recruitment process -an Interview with Andrine Mendez ,CEO -SMT(Salt Mango Tree) By -Aravind .TS

Q1.As a social media marketer what is your opinion about the significance of social media in
employee recruitment process?
Significance varies from case to case and on what kind of company you are. but social media can be extensively used for Hiring & recruitment services. Indigo airlines recruits air hostess through their social media channels alone that they needn’t use any other channels for getting their numbers but that might not be the case for mining or oil rigging industry.
Q2.How far social media helps a job seeker to find a job? And please suggest how social media can be
effectively utilize for finding a job?
Being active in linkedin is pretty much an easy way to land in your dream job. but again it depends on your industry as well. but HR managers are no actively using linkedin as a preferred hiring tool and hence having a completed linkedin profile should do the trick.
Q3.It is the time of socialisation and it is the order of the day I know that your company is also giving ad
for employee hunt in face book and other social Medias, Is it effective? And what was the result? Please
share your experience
we are a digital media agency & using social media for hiring is an art we have quite mastered. on an average we get some 5 resumes everyday from our social media channels. for certain senior level positions we have also gone all out in social media and the results have been pretty good. in fact social media for us has been the prime tool for recruitment.
We have gone all out when it comes to the hiring process through social media. the video here  has been just created for this purpose.
social media requires a lot of what you call ‘buzz’ & even in your recruitment process you need to keep at it consistently, we create & promote crew videos like these to ensure that our talent pool gets to see what its like being an SMTian : http://youtu.be/mfq3QCG9_bw(embed this video ).
All these stunts & a strong social media presence has made our HR practices pretty much a hit & the numbers are a proof of just that.
Q4.What are limitation of social media in a recruitment process from the side of an employer and a
jobseeker as well ?
i havent really seen any at this point to raise as a limitation .


Recruitment processes are changing, the naukri’s n monsters will soon see a disruption in how they work as more HR managers switch to social media for talent pool. so a lot of exciting times ahead even though it might look pretty much at is nascent stage
 Interviewed By Aravind.T.S

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