10 content automation tools to replace content writers

10 content automation tools to replace content writers

10 content automation tools to replace content writers 2400 1700 Aravind T S

Content marketing and content writing is a non-perishable, immortal technique for marking your online presence. When we talk about content, it is currently the most influential thing in the world, but the right author is hard to find, and companies themselves struggle to find it. If companies are not willing to invest in content authors now, there is an alternative that does not require major investment: get the job done in the shortest possible time.


Generate natural language and produce insights that revive aspects of your business that people want to know about. Generate a new type of content, such as a blog post, a video, or even an article, with the ability to generate insights that revive an aspect of the business people who wanted to know.


Wordsmith is an AI-based tool that generates written analysis to transform arbitrary data. The platform is capable of transforming data into interesting narratives, and the tools offered by Wordsmith reflect insights on a particular topic, such as a company’s marketing strategy, product, or business strategy.


Articoolo is a content creation tool that ritualizes an article as a human being. If you think that machines cannot function like human brains, you are wrong, but first, you understand the concept of the problem. For example,

if you want to write an article about Variety Virus, the algorithm of the tool will understand what a virus is and start writing the article for you.

4.Article Forge

The platform uses insightful algorithms to automatically rewrite articles in the way humans do. It automatically researches the topic, reads endless articles and then writes it in her own words.

5.Word AI

Word AI works like a human, but it also works according to search engine optimization and works in harmony with other tools such as Google Search Engine Optimization, Google Analytics and Google Docs.

It does not regard a sentence as a list of words, but rather has the ability to transform it into a meaningful sentence that lets people interact with each other.


It simply does not limit content to words or text formats, and it does so without rewriting a single bit from scratch.

The generation of content for digital media also includes the creation of media such as images and videos using AI and automation technologies. Canva is an online tool to create different images, and there are various templates, just to name a few. All you have to do is insert your content into the template and your design is ready to be published.

7. Scoop.it

The platform also supports marketers in implementing their strategy and the insights it provides facilitate the planning of further content strategies. In this way, they can work according to the planned objectives and also help to create the right content.

8. AI Writer

AI Scribe is a powerful content generation tool that will cut weeks out of your website’s creation process. All copy is SEO friendly and tailored to your brand, so you can look your best online.


SEO plugin for WordPress that analyzes your content to improve relevance and tailors it to your brand so you can look good online. For example, dig out the corresponding units from the article, use tags to search for related items, organize categories and units, and organize them into categories or units. Create a navigation widget that categorizes your tags into categories such as Categories, Units, Tags, Subcategories and Units of Tags.

10. Quuu

Quuu also keeps your content evergreen, constantly generating new content and enabling users to plan for their future. The content is checked on the platform, but it is an internal review of the content that only takes place on that platform.

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